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May 1, 2013
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//This is the first time writing something like this so ill try my best!!\\


This was your first day at DWMA, so you didnt know if you were able to make friends. You were a shy girl when you are meeting people, but over all you were a very bright girl. Your weapon partner's name is Angel Sky. Angel is also your best friend that has been with you ever since you were little. Her weapon form is a sledge hammer. She is also a bright girl, but she can get mad really easy.

You started to hear your name. "(Y/n)!" You snaped out of your day dream and noticed that Angel was calling your name.

"(Y/n)! Snap out of it!" Angel said shaking you. "Come on (y/n)! We got to go! You dont want to be late on your first day!"

You blinked first then said "Hmm... oh! Ok! Ok!Stop shaking me and we can go!"

Angel stoped shaking you. "Finally! You snaped out! Come on lets go!"

"Wait how long did I blanked out?" you asked.

"That doesn't matter now! Lets go!" she said as she draged you out of the appartment.

"You know I can walk myself..." you said frustraded.

She stoped and lets go of you. "Thank you" you said as you started to walk. She started to continue walking with you. As you walked up the stairs you looked up DWMA.

"Wow its huge!" you said suprised.

"What did you think? It is an academy after all." Angel started to giggle.

"Shut up!" you said really loud.

You guys reached the top and saw a girl and a guy. The girl had sandy color hair with pigtails and  forset green eyes. The guy had white hair with a black head band in it. He had crimson red eyes. You thought the guy looked cute.

"Hi there! You must be (y/n) and Angel!" said the girl.

Both you and Angel noded.

"Nice to meet you! I'm Maka Albarn and this is my weapon partner Soul." she said while pointing at Soul. "Lord Death wants to see you guys. I'll show you guys to the death room."

You and Angel started to follow Maka and Soul down the halls. You guys came face to face with a door. Maka opened the door and there was another hall. Maka made a jester to get you and Angel to follow her and Soul. You and Angel noded and followed them. At the end of the hall was a room with moving clouds on the wall. In the middle of the room was a mirror. Maka walked up to the mirror and wrote '42-42-564'. Then a black figure with a mask on his face.

"Hia! Hia! Wazzup?!" said the black figure.

"Hi Lord Death. We brought you (y/n) and Angel like you asked." Maka said as she was showing (y/n) and Angel to Lord Death. You and Angel walked up closer to the mirror.

"Ahh! I see! I see! Maka and Soul would you please step out for a minute." Lord Death asked nicely.

Maka noded and started to walk out. Soul followed Maka with his hands in his pockets.

"(Y/n), Angel..."

"Y-yes?" you and Angel said together.

"... Welcome to Death Weapon Meister Academy! Im Lord Death the founder of the academy!" Lord Death said as he brought out his hand and waved.

Both you and Angel waved back at Lord Death. "We are glad to be here!" you both said in sync.

"The class room that you guys will be going to is the Crescent Moon classroom! Maka and Soul will show you the way! Maka, Soul! You can come back in now!" Lord Death was loud so Maka and Soul could hear.

Maka and Soul walked back in and  walked twords Lord Death.

"Maka, Soul, I would like you two to show (y/n) and Angel where the Crescent class room is!"

"Ok!" Maka said happily

Soul shrugged "Sure.."

'I finally got to hear his voice!' You said to yourself so no one could hear. That was when you started to day dream again. You heard someone calling you name again."(Y/n)!" You snaped out of you day dream and Angel was the one calling your name.

"(Y/n)!!" Angel was yelling.

"Ahh! Sorry!" You said as you followed them.

"Byea!" Lord Death said while waving.

"Bye!" you all said in sync.

You cought up to them and you were walking next Angel and Soul. You noticed Soul was stairing at you and you started to look down and blush, trying not to let anyone see, but Angel saw it and giggled quietly. All of a sudden it got quiet. Till Maka broke the silence.

"So Angel what weapon form are you?" Maka asked.

"I'm a sludge hammer!" Angel said as she turned her hand into a sludge hammer.

"Yes she is and her sludge hammer looks very symmetrical." you said as you giggled

Maka giggled along with you "Mine and Soul's friend Kid will be going after you! He has an OCD for symmetrical."

You start to giggle a little louder imagining  someone chasing Angel.

Soul's pov

'(Y/n) looks so beautiful and her giggles sound really cute!' Soul looks at (y/n) then looks the opposite way where Maka was and he starts to blush. Maka noticed and starts to giggle again. 'Crap Maka saw me blush! Now she knows that I like (y/n)!' I started to mouthed to her 'I know you just saw me blush but what ever you do don't tell (y/n) that I like her!!' She mouthed back at me an ok.

This is the first time I made a fan fiction but I think I did good on my first try! I always wanted to make a soul eater evans x reader fan fic and I finally made one! Btw comment below on what you think about on it so far!
P.s. I'm still continuing to comic so don't worry!!

Chapter 2 --> [link]
Chapter 3 --> [link]
I don't own you and the other characters!
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